EWON, the networking activity of EURONS, reflects the cooperation of research institutions from 6 different South-East European (SEE) and 4 North-East European (NEE) countries aimed to a) strengthen the involvement of their nuclear physics communities in the research programmes of the European Large Research Infrastructures (ELRIs) and b) enhance collaboration between scientists in these communities. The network intends to provide the European nuclear physics community and the European Commission with a study on: a) the status of the nuclear physics communities and the research installations in the SEE and the NEE countries together with their scientific potential, and b) the perspectives for their integration in the European Research Area. The study will focus on:

  1. The research projects running at the existing research infrastructures and institutions of SEE/NEE countries in the field of nuclear science and applications. Of special interest are joint research projects which can run at the SEE/NEE countries, as well as projects aimed to support the research programmes of ELRIs.
  2. The research activities of SEE and NEE research groups that are carried out at the European Large Research Infrastructures.
  3. The problem of brain drains of young scientists in the SEE/NEE countries.
  4. The search for additional measures through which the involvement of SEE and NEE research groups in the European research effort will be increased.
  5. The possibilities to improve education aiming at excellence in the field of nuclear science and applications in the SEE/NEE countries.


The network has the following structure:

The Network Coordination Committee consists of a) the Coordinators of SEEN and NEEN (S. Harissopulos and R. Broda, respectively), the last Chair of NuPECC (M. Harakeh) and two elected representatives (N. V. Zamfir and J. Dobes), from the SEE and the NEE community, respectively. NCC initiates and coordinates the network's overall progress.

The Network Working Groups consists of scientists that are appointed by the EWON member institutions, to perform studies related to the goals and deliverables of the network. They refer to the NCC and prepare the necessary documents.